tys streck sve
blue line
Address: S-311 65 Vessigebro Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)346 - 71 31 00
E-mail info@tomal.se

Bio fuel unit for heating of Tomal.


Now we heat up Tomal with biofuel.

Our energy heating system for our production facilities has been replaced from oil to biofuel.

We feed wood pellets into our own produced Tomal silo with multiscrew feeder. The pellets is then conveyed to a pellets burner. On top of the silo we have installed solar panels and a wind mill to load the batteries in the machine room. The batteries runs the feeder motor via a 24VDC system.

At the same time we have a complete unit to show to our customers when they visit Tomal and we also use the unit for testing and development for further improvements.