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blue line
Address: S-311 65 Vessigebro Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)346 - 71 31 00
E-mail info@tomal.se

Tomal has an Environmental Management Certification!



"-We think it is extremely important that our operations are as sustainable as possible", says Tomal´s environmental coordinator Peter Ejdestig and Managing Director Teddy Eriksson.

We have developed operational procedures, compiled an environmental organization, looked at our environmental risks and along this developed our environmental goals. This was complied in Tomal environmental handbook.



Tomal is an engineering company and our products are widely used for water and flue gas cleaning. Our ambition is to continually reduce our environmental impact and to prevent pollution of water, soil and air.

- We are commited to continually reduce the company´s energy consumption.

- We comply with applicable environmental legislation and other applicable laws and regulations.

- We give priority to contractors and suppliers who have an active environmental policy.

- We train our staff in how to take more account of the environment in their daily work and make better environmental performance.