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RAS Metering System new brochure

New Brochure for RAS Metering System

Tomal have a high experience in deliver complete system for RAS application. Find our brocure for a custom made system with metering eqpuipment for pH-adjustment.

The superior Multiscrew Feeder gives a very high accuracy of metering Lime, which is essential for farming of Salmon.

Click for brochure



History of fruits

Like in the good old days, Tomal had a nice orchard on the land. The first product ever invented was a fruit sprayer called Tomal Atom as there were so many trees to protect from bugs. 

Now we have plant 3 new apple trees on the ground so the historical wings are lifting again.


New assembly and packing hall

Now the insulation of the existing cold warehouse is getting close to be finalized.

Half of the hall is now insulated to get room for the sub assembly and packing of goods. As we make room in the existing production facility we will get superior use of the production floor area which at the end will give much better logistics and efficiency.


Schüttgut Dortmund 2017

Welcome to our Stand K 18-5 were Tomal show you some interesting metering equipment together with ProMinent.


Bio fuel unit for heating of Tomal.

Now we heat up Tomal with biofuel.

Our energy heating system for our production facilities has been replaced from oil to biofuel.

We feed wood pellets into our own produced Tomal silo with multiscrew feeder. The pellets is then conveyed to a pellets burner. On top of the silo we have installed solar panels and a wind mill to load the batteries in the machine room. The batteries runs the feeder motor via a 24VDC system.

At the same time we have a complete unit to show to our customers when they visit Tomal and we also use the unit for testing and development for further improvements.




Tomal has an Environmental Management Certification!


"-We think it is extremely important that our operations are as sustainable as possible", says Tomal´s environmental coordinator Peter Ejdestig and Managing Director Teddy Eriksson.

We have developed operational procedures, compiled an environmental organization, looked at our environmental risks and along this developed our environmental goals. This was complied in Tomal environmental handbook.



Tomal is an engineering company and our products are widely used for water and flue gas cleaning. Our ambition is to continually reduce our environmental impact and to prevent pollution of water, soil and air.

- We are commited to continually reduce the company´s energy consumption.

- We comply with applicable environmental legislation and other applicable laws and regulations.

- We give priority to contractors and suppliers who have an active environmental policy.

- We train our staff in how to take more account of the environment in their daily work and make better environmental performance.


Certification according to ISO 3834-2

Tomal have always had a high quality level in welding but have now also managed to get the certification according to ISO 3834-2.

The scope of certification is design and manufacturing of silos, dosing equipment and strucktural components of steel.

Welding methods: 111, 135, 138, 141. Base material and thickness: up to S355, max 40 mm. Stainless steel up to 12 mm. 1.4301 (304), 1.4404 (316L).



Certification according to EN 1090-1

Tomal have now managed to be certified according to EN 1090-1 and once again proved the high quality of our products and processes.

The scope of supply is design and manufacturing of silos and structural components of steel in EXC1 to EXC2 according to the requirements in EN 1090-2 and the relevant Eurocodes with nationally determined parameters.



30% lower consumption at Valdemarsvik WWTP

The old make-up unit became a work environment problem when polymer flooded on to the floor making it slippery.

Thanks to investing in a polymer make-up unit from Tomal, we can avoid this problem and also maintain a better

economy, according to Magnus Broström who is the technician at Valdemarsviks Wastewater Treatment Plant.



Magnus states that the consumption is lower with the new machine.

– The consumption was previously 2400 Kg polymers per year. We are down to 1700 Kg per year with Tomal’s

polymer make-up unit. That is a 30 percent saving.


Open pd-file for further details:Tomal_Valdemarsvik_Eng.pdf


PolyRex Optimo system launched in North America

At the WEFTEC exhibition in Chicago (5-9 October 2013) a trailer-mounted PolyRex Optimo system was shown in ProMinent's booth.

PolyRex trailer


The PolyRex Optimo system's closed wetting system and mixing pump results in an effective, reliable and dust-free mixture.

The combination of our double-screw dosing system with gentle stirring in the maturation tank yields an improved process and lower-cost operation.


Updated homepage accomodates smartphones

As more and more visitors are using smart phones and tablets to access the internet, Tomal has now updated the website to provide a better access.

Studies show that in 2014, the use of these new platforms will surpass the use of computers.


New EU-directives

New EU-directives

Tomal AB is implementing the new Eurocode according to EU Directive (law) No 305/2011 concerning steel structures.

For Tomal AB this mainly consists of silo, support and other load bearing steel structures.

Note that the law is valid from 01.07.2014.

For further details, see the following document:



ISO 9001:2008 renewed 3-year certification

 ISO 9001:2008 renewed 3-years certification

In December 2011, Tomal AB got an updated approved 3-years certification.

We are happy to know that our customers can continue to feel secure with Tomal AB's Quality System.

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate


IFAT Entsorga Munich 2012

Most welcome to visit our stand at the IFAT exhibition in Munich 7-11 May 2012.

Tomal AB will show interesting Metering Equipment for solids handling together with ProMinent at stand 431/530 in Hall A3.

You will have a great opportunity to discuss solutions with our engineers and you will also get the chance to view our dust-free big bag solution combined with our reliable and accurate multi-screw feeder.


Production building finalized

 Tomal AB is expanding with a new production building for the possibility to handle

larger and heavier silos and also for rationalization of assembly and logistics.

The new area will total approx 660 m2 and will be finalized at the end of 2011.

Initiation of the new building

21st of December 2011, the new building was inaugurated. The ribbon was cut

and staff could enjoy new production areas for better logistics and handling of

large silos.



The first silo is delivered into the new building 14.11.2011.


Updated photo 6th of October, 2011.


Updated photo 23rd of September, 2011.


Updated photo 19th of September, 2011.


Updated photo 15th of August, 2011


Updated photo 6th of July, 2011:


Today on the 13th of July, 2011 the first step is taken removing old asphalt in order to begin making the foundation, see photo.



Exhibition Schüttgut in Dortmund

easyFairs Schüttgut Dortmund

Welcome to easyFairs Schüttgut 2011 in Dortmund.


Large order to Poland

Delivery of a equipment for feeding powder fuel on a Polish power plant.

In successful co-operation with ProMinent in Poland, Tomal AB received, at the beginning of February, the largest order ever, worth 2,0 million EUR. A plant for feeding biofuel will be delivered to a coal-fired power plant in Krakow. One of the boilers shall be converted to burn biofuel instead of coal powder.          


Pressure from environmental organisations and the EU to reduce the burning of fossil fuels and thus reduce the addition of green house gas to the atmosphere is the background for the order.

The demand from the EU is that Poland shall replace 20% of the fossil fuels with renewable fuels by 2020 compared to the level in 1990 according to EU´s climate goal.

Scope of supply.

The delivery from Tomal consists of a storage silo with discharge and conveying system to four day silos, each with four feeders and pneumatic conveying to 16 burners. Total feeding capacity is 16 x 13m³/h which is approx. 200m³ biofuel/h or 44 tons/h. This corresponds to approx. 200MW.

Construction supervision and commissioning is included.

The plant will be delivered in stages from the beginning of April to the end of June. Construction will take place during the summer and commissioning during autumn. The plant should be ready for taking over by the end user in December 2010.

World leader concerning feeding of powder fuel.

In the beginning of the 90’s burning of renewable biomass was favoured as it was exempt from the CO2-tax. At that time Tomal AB successfully began developing feeding plants for powder fuels. Subsequently Tomal AB has extended the delivery range and is now able to deliver and take responsibility for a whole plant from pellet mills to the burners.

Tomal AB’s unique multi-screw feeders are the heart of the plant. They give an accurate and very even flow of powder fuel to the burners. This gives a stable flame from the burners. It also affords the possibility to optimise combustion and to minimise the creation of nitrogen oxide (Nox) gases which lead to acid rain and result in penalty fees.


Watec Exhibition Tel Aviv

Tomal AB will participate in the Watec Exhibition Center in Tel Aviv.

Visit Tomal AB at Hall 1, Booth 42, together with the Embassy of Sweden.

At the exhibition you will have the possbility to see our Tomal multi-screw feeder that gives you a reliable discharge and accurate metering.

Meet our Managing Director, Teddy Eriksson, and discuss any existing Tomal AB plant or any new investment for water treatment applications or other application where you require high quality metering equipment for solids.

See also: http://www.watec-israel.com/


Highest Credit Ranking !

Once again, Tomal AB has been recognized as one of the few companies with the highest credit ranking, Triple A.

This recognition is made by the credit- & business information company Soliditet.


Lloyd's case study

Tomal AB is an approved company along with others such as Atlas Copco, TNT, Boeing, FedEx Express that has been chosen to participate in a case study for Lloyd's Register.

Check out the success story at the following link to Lloyd's Register home page:


Tomal AB has been certified according to ISO 9001 since 1995 and after the recent approved revision we are proud to be one of the successful companies.

Take the opportunity to read the success story in the pdf-file below.




Achema 11-15 May, 2009

We together with ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH will participate in the Achema exhibition 2009 in Frankfurt am Main.

Visit us in hall 8, position D2-E8.

Our well-experienced sales engineers will be available for you, helping out with any technical issue regarding our high-quality metering equipment for solids handling.


International Chemical Exhibition EXPOQUIMIA

Visit us at the International Chemical Exhibition EXPOQUIMIA in Barcelona, Spain.

You will have the opportunity to see our reliable and safe multi-screw feeder for solids metering and our highly effective Polymore unit for liquid emulsion polymer.

Also take the opportunity to meet our Tomal engineers or any of our well-experienced distributors from Tecnidos Sistemas y Procesos SL.

Visit us at Hall 1 Level 0, Street G 711.


Tomal AB has expanded

The new building has been finalized!

It will be used for storage of fully tested, ready for delivery equipment , pre-manufactured components and purchased parts. 

The new available area totals 1200 m². 

Now we have the space required for increased production and installation in existing production facilities.


Process Technology Fair in Gothenburg

Visit us at Scandinavia's leading process technology fair.

ProcessTeknik takes place in Gothenburg 7-9th of October 2008.

During the exhibition you have the opportunity for detailed technical discussions with our sales engineers. There is also the opportunity to see our accurate metering equipment.

We are in the booth C03:22 together with ProMinent.

For further information visit: http://nemonet.swefair.se/templates/StartPageMain____164592.aspx


Successful Training

A successful training seminar has been finalised with ProMinent market subsidiaries at Tomal AB.

A total of 21 people from 15 different countries participated in seminars resulting in a technical and sales oriented education.

Thanks to all our participants! We hope you had a pleasant time and believe that you now have the technical skills necessary to assist customers and end-users in your unique market areas around the world.



You are most welcome to join the 14th International Exhibition for Suppliers to the Pulp and Paper Industry, SPCI in Stockholm, Sweden May 27-29.

We are in stand A04:01 together with Prominent. For more information: http://www.spci2008.com/

You are also welcome to join the World Bio Energy Exhibition in Jönköping, Sweden May 27-29. We are in stand A05:41. For more information: http://www.elmia.se/worldbioenergy/

We also have the opportunity to give you some engineering expertise regarding Tomal AB feeding equipment at IWEX, International Water & Effluent Exhibition in Birmingham May 20-22. For more information: http://www.sustainabilitylive.com/slive08/iwex/


New Homepage

Welcome to our new home page that was published Thursday the 20th of Mars 2008.

The home page includes all brochures, available for download, for all standard products.

We will regularly update interesting deliveries from Tomal AB.

If you have any queries or comments, please do not hesitate to send them by mail to our IT Manager Magnus Dahl (magnus.dahl@tomal.se).

Once again…Welcome!