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More Deliveries


Delivered: 2019

Customer: NCC

Unit for biofuel for production of asphalt

The delivery included a pellets silo with cyklone, mill station and storage silo with metering equipment for wood powder.

As the biofuel is explosion classified, the total unit was included with ATEX certification.

Stora Enso Fors AB - Board Mill

Delivered: February 2015

Customer: Stora Enso Fors AB

Automatic preparation unit for 6% sodium bicarbonate solution.

The chemical incrreases the wet strength of the paper.



Big bag emptier with dust free connection of the big bag, including an evacuation filter with fan.

Shut-off valve, feeder and screw conveyor.

Mixing tank 2m3 in stainless steel 1.4301.

Agitator, dust ejector, weighing equipment and armatures.

Transfer pump.

Cabling to terminals.

CE-declaration of conformity 2A

Firmenich, Geneve Ca(OH)2 beredning

Delivered: June 2015

Customer: Firmenich SA

Equipment: Complete silo with feeding equipment and preparation unit for hydrated lime, Ca(OH)2.

Silo, Tomal, Ø 3,2 m, made of steel.

Volume 60 m3.

Feeding capacity: 100-250 kg/h.

Silo placed outside, machine room with large opening for connection to enlarged machine room.

Delivery includes: Preparation unit with level indication, preparation tank, weighing equipment on silo, electrical cabinet.

Bergen Kvernevik RA

Delivered: July 2014

Customer: Purac AB


Polymer make-up unit type Tomal PolyRex for big-bag handling.

Polymer make-up unit PolyRex for big-bag handling and filling of 5m3 silo.

Pump skids for dosing of polymer solution


Application: Sludge treatment at the waste water treatment plant.

Capacity: 56 000 PE

PolyRex make-up units feed polymer solution to mechanical sludge thickeners and dewatering centrifuges.

For more details visit   http://purac.se/?page_id=3036      https://youtu.be/rW1W38vGQJg

  The foto is taken by Purac AB.

TVA Gallatin Fossil Power Plant
Flue gas desulphurisation

Delivered: November 2013


Application: Flue gas desulphurisation in a fossil fuel power plant.

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is the largest electrical power distributor in the United States, serving some 9 million customers. Their effort to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions through flue gas cleaning is a key part of a program to minimize their overall environmental impact. Tomal AB plays an important role in this program by providing equipment for reliable and accurate feeding of lime used to remove sulfur dioxide (SO2) in an Alstom Power flue gas desulphurisation system.

Tomal AB, in partnership with Prominent Fluid Controls, Inc. USA, has delivered eight “twin” multiscrew feeders that supply sixteen lime dosing lines. The accuracy and reliability of Tomal feeders help to ensure that up to 98% of SO2 is removed while maintaining lower lifecycle costs than competing types of desulphurisation systems.

C4 Energi, Allöverket
Sulphur feeding plant

Delivered: October 2013

Customer: C4 Energi AB, Kristianstad, Sweden

Application: Big Bag feeding station with two sulphur feeding lines for corrosion prevention.

 C4 Energi, Allöverket is a power and district heating plant that utilizes 99% renewable fuel. This matches the environmental goals of Kristianstad Municipality to be “fossil free”. The fuel consists mainly of wood chips but also bio-gas and bio-oil.

Burning of bio-fuel often exacerbates corrosion in the furnace, mainly in the superheaters, due to the low sulphur content fuel. To reduce corrosion and clogging in the superheaters a small amount of sulphur is added to the fuel intake.

An important side effect is that combustibility increases resulting in lower CO emissions. By decreasing the amount of O2 you can reduce NOx emissions as well.

Equipment delivered includes:

  • Big bag emptier with hoist.
  • Dust-free connection of the big bag.
  • Buffer hopper 500 dm3.
  • Two feeding systems. Capacity 2 × 0.5 − 3.5 kg/h.
  • Two pneumatic conveying systems.
  • Conveying hoses with wear detection.
  • Machine room.
  • Commissioning.
  • ATEX CE Declaration of Conformity to ATEX directive 94/9/EG.
  • CE Declaration of Conformity (2A) to Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

NCC Kärra
Wood powder feeding plant

Delivered: August 2013

Customer: NCC Roads asphalt plant, Hisings Kärra (Asphalt plant)

Application: Storage and feeding of wood powder for asphalt aggregate production.

The NCC Roads Hisings Kärra asphalt plant utilizes wood powder fuel in their process for heating and drying of aggregates used in asphalt production.

Tomal AB has delivered to NCC Roads AB a wood powder storage and feeding plant. The wood powder is used to fuel a burner for the drying drum in the aggregate preparation process.

A key feature of the Tomal AB system is its ability to feed wood powder to the burner at a uniform rate, without pulsations. This is essential for proper functioning of the burner and drying drum. The wood powder is reliably discharged without interruption.

The delivery includes a 250 m3; storage silo and a 4 ton/hour feeding line, about 20 MW fuel. Tomal AB provided freight, construction, electrical installation and commissioning.

To assure health and safety of the machinery operators Tomal provides CE Declaration of Conformity (2A) to EC Directive 2006/42/EC.

SCA Ortviken
Wood powder feeding plant

Delivered: September 2013

Customer: Andritz AB, Örnsköldsvik

Application: Wood powder storage and feeding for steam production.

Following the successful delivery of a similar plant to SCA Östrand, Tomal AB has delivered a new plant for storage and feeding of wood powder to SCA Ortviken.

In this application wood powder is delivered to burners on two boilers that produce steam for both SCA Ortviken and for district heating in the nearby city of Sundsvall.

Equipment delivered includes:

  • One storage silo, 250 m3.
  • Two discharge units, each delivering 84 m3/hour to its own day silo.
  • Two day silos, 7m3 each.
  • Seven feeding lines. 6 × 3.7 ton/hour and 1 × 2.3 ton/hour, amounting to approximately 120 MW of fuel.
  • A pneumatic system that conveys fuel from feeders to burners.
  • A turn-key system including freight, construction and commissioning.

Reasons for choosing Tomal AB:

  • The unique properties of the Tomal feeder results in even flow without pulsations. This makes it possible to reach low emissions of SOX and CO in the flue gas.
  • Tomal could deliver and take responsibility for the complete storage and feeding plant.
  • The successful delivery of a similar plant at SCA Östrand July 2011.
  • Tomal is market leader and can present several well-functioning references.

Zilkha Biomass Energy LLC
Feeder for wood powder. P=3.76 bar.

Delivered: November 2012

Customer: World Thermal Services (WTS) AB

Application: Feeding wood powder to burners on a direct-fired gas turbine.

Tomal AB has developed a multi-screw feeder for wood powder designed for 9.2 bar. The feeder has been developed in close cooperation with our customer WTS in Sweden. The end-user is Zilkha Biomass Energy LLC in Houston, Texas. Wood powder is fed to a burner on a direct-fired gas turbine.

Gas turbine capacity: 1.5 MW electric.

Wood powder capacity: 2 − 10 m3 per hour.

Design pressure: 9.2 bar (P-max at wood powder dust explosion).

Testing pressure: 14.2 bar.

Normal operating pressure: 3.76 bar.

Operating temperature: 10 − 221° Celcius, 50 − 430° Fahrenheit.

Connections for pneumatic conveying line: ASME 3".

Weight: 1500 kg.

Tullis Russell
Flue gas cleaning

Delivered: June 2012

Customer: Metso Power Oy

One of our largest silos ever is delivered to Tullis Russell, papermakers at Markinch, Scotland.

The silo volume is 180 m³ for hydrated lime and is delivered in two pieces for bolting together at site.

The delivery also  includes a 40 m³ silo for PAC (Powdered Activated Carbon).

Both units include the accurate Tomal AB multi-screw feeder and pneumatic conveying system.

Metso received the order to deliver a biomass boiler to RWE npower renewables for a co-generation plant.

Metso´s delivery includes a circulating fluidized bed boiler with a capacity of 155 MWth and a flue gas treatment plant where lime is used as an absorbent of acid gas. The PAC will capture the heavy metals, dioxins and furans where the injected PAC adsorbs gaseous components from the flue gas.

Feeder for wood powder.

Delivered: June 2011

Customer: Andritz / SCA Östrand

Included in the delivery are two pneumatic conveying systems for wood powder between two pellet mills and one 250 m² dosing silo via two cyclone filters. The dosing silo includes four pneumatic conveying systems to the burner.

Three feeding lines are for the existing steam boiler with a capacity of 5 tonnes/hour and one feeding line is for the new boiler with a capacity of 8 tonnes/hour.


Delivered: April 2011

Customer: Alfa Laval Copenhagen A/S

This project consists of one PolyRex 1.0 unit and two PolyRex 2.0 units.

Each unit includes a vacuum conveyor filling station, multi-screw feeder

and stainless steel mixing tank for batchwise preparation of polymer solution.

Feeder for wood powder.

Delivered: May 2011

Customer: Pilum Industrifilter / Bollnäs Energi AB

The delivery included the following:

One 30 m³ silo with metering equipment and pneumatic conveying system for activated carbon.

One 80 m³ silo with metering equipment and pneumatic conveying system for hydrated lime, Ca(OH)2.

Rostneft Slop Oil
Feeding and wetting polymer for slop oil cleaning.

Delivered: September 2011

Customer: Alfa Laval Copenhagen / Rostneft Refinery, Tuapse

Application: Feeding and wetting polymer for slop oil cleaning

This delivery consists of a polymer make-up unit type PolyRex 2,0 for ATEX Zone 2, GAS group IIB T3.

It is a complete preparation unit for both polymer powder and polymer emulsion and includes dosing pumps and separate vacuum conveyor. Tanks and pipework are made in AISI316L. The powder support is made in AISI 304.

The refinery in Tuapse is specialized in the production of motor fuel. Slop oil is a quality waste oil that is generated in the process of refining crude oil. Before use, the oil requires a cleaning process with the help from the Tomal AB polymer unit.


Delivered: April 2011

Customer: Metso Minerals / Nordic Mines OY

This unit consists of a 80 m³ silo with metering equipment for CaO.

Also included is a 2.0 m³ lime slaker and a 30 m³ dosing tank.

Kinnareds Well

Delivered: August 2011

Customer: Kinnareds Well

The unit consists of a big bag discharger included for dust free handling of corn starch.

Also included is a preparation and dosing tank for a complete starch-slurry solution.

As the starch is ex-classified the unit complies with ATEX-directives according to dust, zone 21.


Delivered: October 2010

Customer: Tafjord Kraftvärme A/S sopförbränningsanläggning i Ålesund i Norge.

Tomal AB's delivery consists of feeding plants and includes pneumatic conveying systems for hydrated lime and activated carbon. The chemicals are injected into the flue gas channel before the filters.

The lime system consists of 4 feeding lines for desulphurization. The activated carbon unit consists of one feeding line for absorption of heavy metals and dioxins.

Furthermore a unit for recirculation of rest product is included for increased use of the lime.


Delivered: November 2010

Customer: Krüger Kaldnes AS / AkerSolution / Statoil

This delivery from Tomal AB includes a PolyRex Liquid 1,0 prepared for ATEX Zone 1, gas group IIB, class T3.

A complete preparation unit for liquid polymer emulsion inlcuding 2 feeding lines with pumps, electromagnetic flow meters and emulsion tanks with radar level indicator.

All material in AISI316 with pipe work type Parker.


Statoil, that runs Kollsnes, asked AkerSolution to rebuild the gas plant during process.

Krüger Koldnes is responsible for the water treatment of the process water that contains glycol and methanol. It is in this process that the Tomal AB polymer unit is included.

EC Krakow

Delivered: June-September 2010

Customer: ProMinent Polen/Instal Krakow/EC Krakow

In February 2010 we received the largest order ever for Tomal AB.

A complete plant which is feeding bio mass powder to 16 burners at the coal fired power station EC Krakow in Poland.

The plant has, recently and successfully, been started up.

The heart of the plant, the Tomal AB multi-screw feeders, provide the burners with constant and even flow of biofuel, without pulsations. This is essential for optimal combustion and low emissions of CO and NOx

Mondi Paper

Delivered: 2009-03-03

Customer: ProMinent Polen

This Tomal AB delivery consists of a big bag emptier, storage hopper, feeding and preparation equipment for urea.

The urea is used as a nutrient for wastewater treatment.


Delivered: 2009-08-07

Customer: Metso Power Oy

Stora Enso Langerbrugge paper mill in Gent, Belgium has recently received a Tomal AB Silo 70 m³ with feeding equipment for bicarbonate and a Tomal AB silo 30 m³ with feeding equipment for PAC.


Delivered: 2008-11-05

Customer: Lafopa Industrier A/S

Two complete PolyRex packages with the unique Optimo wetting system included for hygienic and dust-free big bag handling.

The Optimo wetting system is suitable for requirements of high efficiency polymer mixing.


Delivered: May 2008

Customer: Entwässerungsgesellschaft Cuxhaven mbH

PolyRex 2.0 for feeding of polymer powder, to a waste water treatment plant in Germany. It includes a big bag support with transfer to a vacuum conveyor unit. The cabinet includes the newly designed, easily controlled Siemens touch panel.

Burj Khalifa

Delivered: 2008-06-02

Customer: ProMinent Juffali FZC (UAE) / Veolia Water

Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world will install 4 Polymore Mini 10-2,4 units. These units are used for flocculation in a water treatment plant during heavy rainfall periods.

Nanhui Sewage Treatment Plant

Delivered: 2008-03-17

Customer: Andritz

PolyRex Maxi 11 for China

Another delivery has been made to China! This time it is for Nanhui Sewage Treatment Plant via Andritz and Tomal AB China.

The delivery consists of two PolyRex Maxi 11 units including vacuum conveyor systems and 200 L powder hoppers.